C-5 Accessories - Color CCD Perimeter Gate Station With ID Card
Model No. C6831D-C

ABB Genway


• Zinc alloy panel, water proof.
• Door alarm function.
• Door can be released by various methods such as Indoor phone, guard unit, ID card, password or EXIT button.
• Camera is adjustable. The IR illumination support clear image even at night.
• The LCD display makes the program very easy.

Technical parameters

• Light source: White light LED
• Operating voltage: DC 35V
• Operating current: ≤260mA
• Standby Current: ≤90mA
• Environment Temperature: - 20℃ ~ + 70℃
• Resolution: 128 x 64 lines
• Model Size (mm): 38.6(W) x 70.6(H)
• Installation Size (mm): 61(W)