4-Wire Video Villa Kit
Color 7" TFT with card reader function
Model No. F-G9V11

ABB Genway


• Kit includes: one door station model F 5G91-C, one hands-free indoor phone model F 3110, one power supply.
• Flush-mounted door station, stainless steel panel, color CCD, hands-free indoor phone.
• Call,talk and remote unlocking.
• Door station with ID card reader function.
• Intercom is available between indoor phones.
• Double Ding-Dong ring. Nameplate changeable.
• Power supply: adapter, transformer for optional.

ABB Genway F-G9V11

System diagram

Technical parameters

 Stainless stell panel
• With ID card reader function
• Dimension: 272×150×68.5 mm
• Installation: 254×132×64 mm

• Dimension: 220×208×46 mm
• Surface-mounted
• Color 7" TFT
• Adapter: one power supply AC 100-240V, DC14V, 0.8A