4-Wire Video Villa Kits
Doorphone System

ABB Genway

More stable and more clear picture.
Intercom is available between indoor phones.
This system can support 2 outdoor stations and 4 indoor phones at most.

System diagram

Wiring material

From door station to the indoor phone
RVV 4*0.5 mm2
0.5 mm2 ≤50 m
From door station to the indoor phone
When the distance is >50 m, 1pc of SYV 75-5 (Coaxial Cable for CCTV) needs to be added
>50 m
From door station to the power supply
RVV 2*0.5 mm2
0. 5 mm2
From door station to the lock
RVV 2*1.0 mm2
1.0 mm2

Problem & Solution

There is no picture or the image is not clear when door station call indoor phone?
Firstly, check the cable connection from door station to indoor phone is according to the standard or not.
Secondly, check the video line is short circuit or open circuit on door station.
Thirdly, check if there is a single power supply for each indoor phone.
check if there is a 75 Ω resistance at the last indoor phone.