ABB Welcome
System Accessories

ABB Welcome Audio module, Outdoor St.

Article No.: 83500-500

Audio module.
• Spare part for the outdoor station.

ABB Welcome Camera module, Outdoor St.

Article No.: 83501-500

Camera module.
• Spare part for the outdoor station.

ABB Welcome IP Gateway

Article No.: 83340-500

IP Gateway.
• Makes communication possible between the ABB-Welcome door communication and the local IP network.

ABB Welcome Indoor Video Distributor

Article No.: 83320-500

Indoor video distributor.
• For the distribution of the video signal with line junctions (e.g in a riser mains).

ABB Welcome Outdoor Video Distributor

Article No.: 83325-500

Outdoor video distributor.
• For connecting several video outdoor stations to the system controller.

ABB Welcome Power supply

Article No.: 83310-500

Power supply.
• Additional supply device of the ABB-Welcome system to increase the number of connectable indoor stations.

ABB Welcome Switch Activator Lights

Article No.: 83330-500

Switch activator lights.
• To control an additional electrical door opener or additional hall light directly or via potential-free output 230V, 3A.

ABB Welcome System Controller

Article No.: 83300-500

System Controller.
• Supply device and controller of the ABB-Welcome system.
• For connecting the indoor and outdoor busline.