ABB Welcome from Busch-Jaeger
Member of the ABB Group


Welcome to life, welcome at home

The front door is the gateway between two worlds, it is what separates and protects your own living space. The new modern door communication ABB-Welcome from Busch-Jaeger now creates new possibilities of communication between the two worlds - comprehensive comfort with greater safety along with stylistically suitable design. The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors and indoors. In the interior area it can be uniformly arranged with light switches and socket outlets.

All ABB-Welcome outdoor stations are available in two material versions (metal-coated / brushed stainless steel) and many bell module variations. Suitable for every type of facade and application. For one front door or several apartments. The ABB-Welcome outdoor stations can be optionally equipped with 1, 2 or 3 key module(s). Which makes them ideal for the one-, twoor three-family home. In addition, for houses with several apartments there is the ABB-Welcome outdoor station with 4, 6, 10 or 15 bells. The video outdoor station is available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 bells. By combining the module versions the number of bells can be assembled according to requirement. All versions are technically identical.

The high-resolution XXL touch display with a 17.8 cm (7") diagonal screen, displays hitherto hidden details at the front door in a unique dimension. Or optionally the most beautiful holiday pictures in standby mode.

Apart from its size the ABB-Welcome Touch also impresses with additional features that offer new possibilities for your door communication. At an incoming door call the camera image of the visitor at the door appears automatically. During the conversation photos can be taken spontaneously. And in abscence mode three pictures are taken automatically of each visitor for security reasons each time the bell is rung. Very practical. For continuous monitoring of the home. For door and floor ringing, 5 different bell sounds are available for selection. The volume of the bell sounds as well as for the hands-free kit is adjustable.